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Edible Oil Packinging Job Work Service Provider.
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Welcome to our company

The company has been setup under the mission to stand its position in the Field of ‘Customized services’ such as Pet/Preform Bottle Manufacturing, Edible Oil Packaging, Construction & Labour Contract. The company is based in Gujarat.

We have experienced fast business growth in the past few years under patronage of strong management team and now KALYAN GROUP is the leading service provider in every major industries.

  • Our Mission
    By quality centric managed services to reach to people not only to enhance company’s capital but to establish a bond of trust in the heart of customers as well as its associates, partners and promoters.

  • Our Vision
    To be trusted among our customers as well as business partners having a concept of multidimensional work combination of high pace change under productive, self-motivated and committed mission force. Company wishes to build its identity as a company that preserves moral and ethical values of corporate as well as civilized societies.